BoldLeads Review 2023: Overview, Pricing, & Features

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BoldLeads is a lead generation company that aims to connect real estate agents with potential clients.

In this BoldLeads review, I will explore the services offered by BoldLeads and evaluate the effectiveness of their lead-generation process.

What is BoldLeads CRM?

BoldLeads is a US-based company that provides real estate agents with a platform to generate leads.

They offer a range of services including lead capture pages, marketing campaigns, and lead management tools.

BoldLeads aims to make it easier for real estate agents to find new clients and close more deals.

How BoldLeads Works.

BoldLeads’ lead generation process begins with the creation of a custom lead capture page. This page is designed to attract potential clients and capture their contact information.

Once the lead has been captured, BoldLeads provides agents with a range of marketing tools to help convert the lead into a client. These tools include email and SMS campaigns, as well as social media advertising.

Pricing and Packages.

BoldLeads offers a range of pricing plans to suit the needs of different agents. Their plans start at $299 per month and go up to $599 per month.

The more expensive plans offer additional features such as a CRM tool and custom marketing campaigns. While the pricing may seem high, it is important to consider the potential return on investment that BoldLeads can provide.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials.

BoldLeads has received mixed reviews from customers. Many users have praised the quality of the leads generated by BoldLeads, citing the high conversion rates and the quality of the leads.

Some of the Reviews from Verified Users:

I got a consistent flow of leads each week. Also, the online training is really good. It’s easy to use and if you have a great CRM the data is easily transferred over. I used their training tools as a brand-new realtor and closed 3 homes in my first year and have a few others I should close in the next few months. Regardless of where you are at in your years as a realtor, this is a solid lead generation tool. Definitely call all your leads!

I have been extremely satisfied with the number of leads I have received. Some leads are for a quick closing and others are for the future. I have had many transactions through this program. One lead I received translated into five closed transactions.

Excellent company. One-stop CRM with automatic text, emails, follow-up, and campaigns. Synced to your own CRM like Top Producer. I have been with BL since 2015. In one year I closed 6 deals via BL. I grew my database with sellers with whom I’m still working, listing, and buying. It’s the best way to build your clientele and grow your Real Estate business.

Pros and Cons of BoldLeads.

The main advantage of BoldLeads is the quality of the leads generated. Agents who use BoldLeads have reported high conversion rates and an increase in their overall business.

However, the main disadvantage of BoldLeads is the cost of the service. While the potential return on investment may be high, the upfront cost can be a barrier for some agents.


Overall, BoldLeads is a powerful lead-generation tool for real estate agents. While the pricing may seem high, the potential return on investment makes it worth considering for agents who are looking to grow their business.

If you are a real estate agent looking to generate more leads, BoldLeads may be the right choice for you.

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