17 Attention-Grabbing Email Subject Lines for Sales

Were you aware that a staggering 33% of individuals make the pivotal decision to open an email purely on the strength of its subject line?

It’s astonishing to consider that all the meticulous research into your potential leads and their organizations, along with the painstaking crafting of your email content, could be rendered futile if you neglect the creation of an attention-grabbing subject line.

In the following discourse, we’ll delve into the anatomy of an exemplary email subject line, and we’ll present you with a diverse array of 17 compelling examples that you can readily employ when initiating communication with potential prospects.

What makes a good subject line?

To delve into crafting effective email subject lines for sales, it’s essential to grasp the key elements that define their success. Typically, top-performing subject lines in sales emails share the following characteristics:


To ensure your email subject line appears fully on both desktop and mobile devices, it’s crucial to keep it concise, ideally around 40 to 50 characters (equivalent to 4 to 7 words). This not only prevents truncation but also enhances readability and understanding.


Crafting a subject line that speaks directly to the recipient can work wonders in dispelling the notion of a generic mass email. By personalizing your message, you’re letting the prospect know there’s a genuine human connection at play, not just another face in a sea of spam.

Taking the time to understand their individual needs and preferences shows a level of consideration that resonates with them. It’s proof that you’re not simply blasting the same message to countless people, but rather, you’re tailoring your approach to what matters to them.

The outcome? They’re more likely to engage with your email. The curiosity piqued by a subject line tailored to them can lead to higher open rates and a greater chance of receiving a response.

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Creating a compelling subject line that conveys a sense of immediacy can inspire recipients to open your email promptly instead of postponing it. This strategy becomes particularly potent when used for follow-up emails, especially in cases where you haven’t received a response from the prospect.

Before you get started

Before diving into crafting your sales email subject line, pause for a moment. To truly maximize its effectiveness, take the following considerations into account:

  • Know Your Audience: Start by understanding your target audience. Delve into who you’re reaching out to, their interests, and what drives them. Take a glance at their LinkedIn profiles or personal websites, if available. This insight will be invaluable when you’re composing your subject line.
  • Highlight Value, Not the Product: Shift your focus away from the product or service itself and concentrate on the value it brings. Identify the pain points your product or service can address for the prospect. Your subject line should be a beacon of the benefits and solutions you offer.
  • Leverage Mutual Connections: Sometimes, a common thread can be the key to unlocking a prospect’s attention. Explore if you share any mutual connections with the individual you’re targeting. Perhaps you both know someone in your professional network or belong to the same online groups. If you uncover such a connection, consider weaving it into your subject line. This simple touch can make it easier to grab the prospect’s attention and enhance the likelihood of them opening your email.

17 attention-grabbing email subject lines for sales

In this segment, we present a selection of highly effective email subject lines tailored for various sales scenarios. Whether you’re initiating a cold outreach, following up on a previous correspondence, requesting a meeting, or gracefully concluding a sales conversation, these subject lines are designed to grab your recipient’s attention and drive engagement.

Cold outreach subject lines

Let’s kick things off with a collection of attention-grabbing subject lines designed for your initial outreach to potential clients. Since they might not be familiar with you yet, it’s crucial to craft your subject line thoughtfully to capture their interest.

1. Question about [goal]

Crafting a subject line with an air of intrigue, this approach subtly hints at a connection with your prospect’s objectives, compelling them to open the email in pursuit of further insight.

To elevate its impact, consider personalizing the subject line by incorporating your prospect’s name or their company’s name, infusing a personalized touch that resonates with their unique goals and challenges.

2. Hi [name], [question]?

“Incorporating the prospect’s name into the subject line adds a personal touch to your outreach. It’s a direct approach that not only includes your question but also boosts the likelihood of catching the right prospect’s attention and eliciting a response. Keep in mind that when reaching out, most prospects might not be in a buying mindset.”

3. Nice to meet you, [Name]!

Consider this as the virtual equivalent of extending a friendly hand. This approach is perfect for those relaxed email situations where your primary aim is to acquaint yourself or your organization with the recipient without any immediate requests.

For an extra touch of informality, you can even sprinkle in an emoji to add a dash of personality to your message.

4. [Situation] at [Company name]

This subject line makes it clear what the email is about and that it concerns the prospect’s company. The [Situation] part should be connected to the pain point your product or service addresses.

Note that this one is on the more formal side, so keep that in mind when writing the rest of the email.

5. [Mutual connection] suggested I reach out

Utilizing a shared acquaintance’s name in your email subject line can be a potent strategy to boost the likelihood of your email being opened. The mutual contact’s name serves as the initial point of focus, instantly capturing the recipient’s attention.

The effectiveness of this approach hinges on the nature of the relationship between the recipient and the mutual connection. If the shared acquaintance is a close friend, it significantly heightens the chances of the recipient engaging with your email.

Conversely, if the mutual connection is a former colleague with whom the recipient had a lukewarm relationship, the impact may be less compelling.

6. Quick question about [Company name]

Crafting a subject line with a touch of personalization not only conveys that your email won’t demand a significant time commitment but also signals your awareness of the recipient’s company.

Ensure you maintain this promise throughout the email’s content by keeping it concise and framing your inquiry in a manner that invites a swift and effortless response.

For added personalization, consider incorporating the prospect’s first name.

7. Fix your [pain point] in [X] weeks

Subject lines like this one demonstrate your grasp of the prospect’s challenges and your ability to provide solutions. However, be cautious, as it may come across as overly sales-focused, potentially deterring some prospects.

The phrase “[X] weeks” offers a captivating opportunity to pique their interest further. By indicating your capacity to swiftly address their issues, you can boost the likelihood of them opening and engaging with your email.

Should you opt for this subject line, it’s imperative to accompany it with a clear and actionable strategy that illustrates how you can alleviate their pain points.

8. First steps to improving [pain point]

Similar to the previous subject line, this one shows that you understand the prospect’s challenge and that you can help them solve it. The “First steps” part helps to make them curious and more likely to open your email.

If you decide to use this subject line, try to provide some actual value in the email (e.g., don’t make booking a call with you the “first step”).

9. [Your company] x [Prospect’s company]

This approach shines when your company enjoys a strong industry reputation but might not be as effective if you’re representing a lesser-known organization.

It effectively conveys your intent to initiate a collaborative venture between your company and the prospective partner’s firm. Should you choose to employ this method, ensure that the main content of your email highlights the myriad advantages the prospect’s company can derive from forging a partnership with you.

10. Disappointed with [pain point]?

Initiating your outreach by directly addressing the prospect’s pain point can be an immensely powerful approach. When your preliminary research has pinpointed a prospect grappling with the specific issue mentioned in your subject line, the odds of not only securing their attention but also eliciting a response soar.

It’s crucial to convey empathy and insight regarding the prospect’s predicament in the main body of your email. Clarify precisely how your offerings are tailored to alleviate their unique challenges and demonstrate your commitment to providing a solution. This personalized touch is the cornerstone of effective communication in prospecting.

Follow-up email subject lines

Mastering the Art of the Follow-Up: Boost Your Response Rates with These Subject Line Gems!

11. Our next steps

This is a simple subject line for a follow-up email that helps spark curiosity. Note that you should include more information in the email than just telling the prospect that they need to book a call with you.

12. It’s been a while since we last talked

This subject line strategy serves as a gentle reminder of our prior correspondence, rekindling the prospect’s interest in our conversation. The subtle “a while” reference subtly emphasizes the passage of time since our last interaction, potentially prompting them to open our email and re-engage.

Incorporating this subject line, it’s advisable to provide a brief recap of our previous discussion within the email body to reestablish context and facilitate a smoother reconnection.

Meeting request subject lines

13. Hi, [Name]. 10 mins this week?

A great subject line to pitch a short, low-pressure meeting. It makes it clear what the email is about and gives the prospect an easy way to say yes or no.

14. Time to chat?

This one lets the prospect know that you’re interested in a casual conversation. Similarly to the previous subject line, it helps to create a low-pressure environment.

Email subject lines after no response

15. Should I stay, or should I go?

In the realm of reaching out to prospects, sometimes silence speaks volumes. We’re curious: should we continue our dialogue, or is this chapter coming to a close? We understand the ebb and flow of busyness, and we’re here to adapt to your pace. Let us know where your interests lie.

16. Have you changed your mind about [Your company’s name]?

This follow-up message serves as a gentle nudge, drawing your prospect’s attention back to our previous correspondence. It aims to pique their interest, encouraging them to open this email and take action by either initiating a conversation or opting out from future communications.

17. Ready to part ways?

Use this one after multiple failed attempts to get a response from a prospect. If they’re interested but genuinely didn’t have time to respond, they’ll likely respond to this email.

On the other hand, if they’re not interested, they’ll be happy to let you know.

Perfect the subject line for your next email

Now that you’ve had a chance to peruse this post, you’re likely beginning to grasp the sheer importance of crafting compelling subject lines for your sales emails. To propel your email marketing campaigns to greater heights, it’s time to put our advice and illustrative examples into action.

Here’s your roadmap for success:

  • Cherry-pick your favorites: Start by selecting a couple of attention-grabbing email subject lines from our suggestions that you believe will resonate best with your target audience.
  • Unleash your creativity: Don’t feel confined to using the provided subject lines word-for-word. Embrace your inner creativity and infuse these suggestions with your unique flair, all while staying true to the principles highlighted in our examples.
  • Remember the golden rules: Always keep subject line best practices in the forefront of your mind as you experiment with different approaches. Keep it concise, personalized, and imbued with a sense of urgency to maximize their impact.
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